Vail, Colorado - The Gopro Mountain Games (June 7 - 11)

I have only been to Colorado one time and it was when I was a little kid so the whole experience is lost to distant memories, so you could say that I was pretty excited to go back, and experience it again with fresh eyes. We hopped on the road, a little later than expected but there are always bumps in the road. The biggest bump in the road was, we were having so much fun in the car that we missed the original exit where you go down through Moab and continue on I-70 all the way to vail. So instead we had to go 45 minutes longer than we had originally planned and went down along I-70 early. Though it ended up turning out just fine because the drive was absolutely beautiful. We passed through sheer red rock canyons, looked out over miles and miles worth of canyons on either side of the road, passed goblin valley... so the detour wasn't too bad. Eventually we made it into Avon which is where our hotel was, and only 10 minutes away from Vail itself. We checked into our hotel, and we were so exhausted we fell asleep pretty early. 

The next morning we hopped up and were heading to the games to meet up with one of our best friends. Julie, Jake and their dogs Tucker and Leo! (@tuckerleo_da_huskies) We hadn't seen them since we first went to Moab so it was so awesome to meet up and see them again. We talked to vendors, we watched dock diving, we ate pizza and drank beer. It was a pretty solid day. We also met up with Brad and his two dogs Luna and Kato (I am obsessed with Luna, she reminded me so much of Aleu with the way that they behave and their faces) (@ColoradoHuskies)  and we met up with Frank, Alex and their adorable three, Bear Zella and Grizz (@Im_gonna_be_frank)  We walked around, had our pictures taken, I passed by two girls that said "omg those are the adventuresibes" and in that moment I felt famous lolol. After spending all day in the sun, and because it was getting close to dinner time for the dogs, we headed home to our hotel, but quickly stopped to grab some burgers to go and milk shakes, and they were so... soooooo... so good. I'm a sucker for burgers and milkshakes when traveling... or just in general. Again, we fell asleep super early.

The next morning we hopped up pretty early to meet up for a morning hike with our friends! Tucker and Leo, Kato and Luna, Bear Zella and Grizz, and a few others, Sam with Elvis and Nola (@elvis_gsdexplorer)  and Kaitlyn with Lady and Nox (@rockymountainfluffs)  

After our hike we split for breakfast, we didn't want to have to worry about finding somewhere to cater to all of those dogs at once. After breakfast we headed back out to the games for a second day of fun. We met up at the Rexspecs booth and the owner of rexspecs is seriously so kind and let us all try on different sized goggles for the dogs, offered us doughnuts and gatorade. We then stopped at one of our absolute favorite brands, Wilderdog (@wilderdog)  I've been using their gear for awhile so it was so awesome to meet some faces behind such a great and amazing company for dog gear, and create real life personal connections with a brand that I love. After we all were worn out from the games, we headed back to our hotel to feed the dogs, and grab some warmer clothes so we could go hangout at our friends campsite and get some more time together before we had to head back to our hotel to pack up and prepare to head home the next morning. 

It was a long weekend of being out in the sun and so many different things to see and do, and of course it was always great meeting up with old and new friends. I definitely will be coming back to Colorado VERY soon. It was a trip for the books.

Alexandra Dunn