Moab April 2018

Moab the second trip of the year, was a full on spontaneous experience. Not only did we go a week ahead of schedule, we went on a three day notice. Packing up all of our things, and heading down after everyone was off of work, Friday evening. We were hoping to get there before it got dark, however that went out the window... deciding to take a spot up at Kens Lake the first night as there are designated campsites and we knew how to get there and navigate the dark. It was windy and cold and as we went to set up our tent, we realized that the last person I let borrow it, didn't pack the stakes back up with the rest of the tent... shit. Thinking quickly our friend offered to let us sleep in his truck bed since they had their tent. We set up our little bed in the back of the truck, and honestly it was so cozy and like a little cave. 

After camp was set up we set up the fire, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the rest of the cold evening together. 

Up at 6am the next morning we ate breakfast and packed up camp, we had hiking to do. 

First stop? Jeep arch. It is a beautiful hike and the trailhead begins only a few yards away from the trailhead for corona arch. Climbing up on the sandstone, it was hot and we happened upon a little oasis... it was so stunning. A pool of water to swim in, surrounded by lush green trees and plants... a perfect place to cool off after a long morning hiking in the heat. 

After, we stopped to grab some lunch from Milts... which is literally the best burger place I have ever been to in my 23 years of life. Wanting to find a good campsite before the sun went down, we were on the move. Unfortunately it just so happened to be during spring break and every campsite, everywhere was completely filled. Great. After three hours of looking for a site, we got some help and were given a map, and told to head to camp ledge. Clear out of town, and down a dirt road. The road to get there was one of the prettiest drives I've ever done. You head out from town as if you're going to moonflower, but keep going until the paved road ends. You come down from the top of the canyon until you are deep inside, with walls surrounding you on either side. We found camp ledge just before the rush of everyone else entering the campsite. Once again we set up our little camp, cooked hotdogs over the fire, watched the stars while the pups snoozed from a long day. 

Up again the next morning we cooked ourselves breakfast, and were ready to start our day. 

Power dam is the hike of choice, it follows a stream all the way up to some falls, a natural slide, and a place where you can cliff jump. It felt like our little oasis we had found the previous day. My only regret is that I didn't bring a swim suit. 

Moab weekend trips always move too fast.. and I always hate saying goodbye. The memories that we make her, make Moab feel more and more like a second home, and I hope that you all have an opprotunity to see it for yourselves someday. 

Alexandra Dunn