Pawmacy Treat Boxes

The lovely people over at Pawmacy were kind enough to send Aleu and Kyra two treat boxes to try out and provide some feed back! As we are a rawfed family, I like to keep the things going into their bodies as healthy as possible, with added benefits to their diet. (Though that doesn't mean I wont slip them a piece of bacon or sausage from time to time... shhh) Pawmacy focuses on health as a main part of their theme for their treat boxes, but what is really awesome about these boxes? They only send out sample treat sizes so that you don't have to commit to a whole bag immediately, just incase you've got a picky pup, or if your pup's stomach is a little bit more sensitive. They do this so that they can minimize food wasted, and still up dog parents like myself, find new and yummy treats to give my girls. I highly suggest looking into Pawmacy as they are going to start their indiegogo campaign very soon!

Alexandra Dunn