Petoji: Adventure Leash

So recently we were sent two gorgeous leads from Petoji and I can tell you right now, that they are without a doubt my new favorite leads. I fell in love with them as soon as I pulled them out of the packaging. Not only are the colors so beautifully vibrant, but they feel so durable as well. They’re completely waterproof, dirt proof (Kyra dragged hers through water and mud and all I had to do was wipe it clean) and mildew proof. They come equipped with a rust free auto lock carabiner too!! Petoji will forever be my go to leash shop, and you all should get one too!! 

This last weekend we took these leads to Moab, UT and I was not disappointed. I let the girls drag them around through the dirt at our campsite, the carabiner never once got hard to open due to the sand grains, and it retained durability. While the leads got dirty, dusty, and occasionally muddy, when I got home, all I needed to do was throw them in the sink and spray them off with water, and hung up to dry. They still remain in perfect condition and maintain vibrancy. 

Alexandra Dunn