Instagram Engagement Got You Down?


Well let me tell you, it's got me too. I feel as though I am in a little bit of a funk. My feed is all over the place, my numbers are so back and forth, and quite honestly, I am just not liking a lot of the photos that I am taking. With instagrams ever changing algorithm, it's hard to feel like you're staying ahead of the game and we all only want one thing from instagram (plz bring back chronological order...) 

It is important to remember, and I have to remind myself of this too, that they are just numbers and to try to not get so caught up in them. It doesn't mean people didn't like your photo, or your photography skills need work, it's more than likely that people just didn't see it due to the algorithm, as frustrating as that may be. 

Too often I encounter the follow for follow accounts, or the follow and unfollow once you follow them accounts, accounts only following for a giveaway and then unfollowing later. It feels like a toxic place at times because it feels as though there is this constant competition between everyone when in reality, we're all here doing the same things, sharing pictures of our dogs, doing embarrassing things to get the perfect shot, learning more about photography, and bringing joy to others through our adventures. 

Get back to the things that make you happy, getting outside with your dogs, getting fresh air, sunlight, and memories. Live more in the moment, and get back to the reason why you joined dog insta in the first place... sharing pictures of your pups, and loving other peoples photos of their pups. I'm going to stop posting the pictures I think would make my followers happy, and start posting the photos that make me happy... and we will see where that takes us. 

Alexandra Dunn