Your huskies are off leash trained?


A question I am frequently asked is: How do you trust your huskies off leash? Do you ever worry that they won’t come back? 
Aleu and Kyra are both e collar trained, so the thought of them not coming back, isn’t something that I’ve ever really been nervous about since. 
However in the beginning, I would always hike with Aleu on leash, and there were a couple times where she had gotten out of the house, where I was terrified that I was going to lose her, or she would get hit by a car. 
Off leash and e collar training is a process, and the first step to that process is finding an e collar that suits you and your specific needs. 
Personally, we use Sport Dog, it’s worked for us in the ways that we need, though there are some other brands out there that work more efficiently with multi dog capabilities. 
While I didn’t personally train Aleu on the E collar myself, (I had help from sit means sit, Utah) it’s something that I am forever thankful for, as I know how to properly collar train future dogs; like Kyra. 
When using an e collar, it’s important to remember that, when you press one of the buttons do give a jolt, it’s not a punishment. You must remember to say a command at the same time you press the button. 
For dogs, they often get used to the sounds of our voices and will tune you out, especially when you have huskies that frequently go into “tunnel vision”. So using the ecollar is like tapping them on the shoulder and making them pay attention to you. It’s a training tool, to help improve your bond together, not a punishment when they do wrong or don’t listen. 
How I was told to introduce the ecollar, and how I introduced it to Kyra were: when you first put the collar on, do something fun, something exciting to get their attention on you, and off the strange new device that is poking into their neck. Start off at a low setting and slowly work your way up until the dog recognizes the jolt. Then, as you continue training, you can work your way back down. 
Having my girls off leash trained has been such a blessing and has strengthened our bond and our trust. I let my girls hike off leash and not only is it more fun for me, I know it’s more fun for them as well. 
I am in no way a professional dog trainer, and my advice shouldn’t be the only advice you look at. Do your research, and work out a plan that works appropriately for you and your dogs.

Alexandra Dunn