Raw Feeding


For those of you wondering what sort of diet I have Aleu and Kyra on, they are on a 100% raw food diet. 
When I first got Aleu she was just the pickiest eater, and eventually she would just stop eating her kibble, one time she went three days without eating because she would just refuse the food anytime I put down her bowl. 
I was at a complete loss of what to do or how to get her to eat. I tried kong butter mixed in with her food, peanut butter, but she would just lick the butter off the kibble and spit it back out. 
Eventually, I came across someone who was feeding their own dogs a raw food diet. I was instantly intrigued by the idea and asked them for more information. I found some others that also fed raw and got some tips and pointers from them as well. Along with consulting multiple people I also did my own fair share of research before I placed my first order of raw meat to meal prep Aleu. 
Instantly she loved everything about it and every day once it’s close to dinner time she would be excited. 
I found that meal prepping her myself was kind of exhausting and hard to manage on my own, especially once Kyra came into the picture. So I found a company called “Reel raw” and I haven’t gone back since. They grind up the meat for me with all the necessary components of muscle meat, fatty organs, bone content etc. and then I had in extra supplements I’ve picked up along the way. Feeding raw has impacted their health in such an amazing positive way that I will never feed any of my dogs and future dogs kibble again. 
Their coats and shiner and softer, their teeth and gum health is taken care of my the bones, their stools are smaller as they are actually taking in everything they eat, they have more energy... and Aleu is still excited for every meal. 
Here are what I put into the girls meals every day:
- Reel Raw prepackaged meat
- a raw egg with shell
- Green JuJu
- Salmon Oil
- Primal Raw Goat Milk
- Fera Pet organics glucosamine
- solid gold Sea Meal
- Real Pet food toppers (this month it’s smelt)

I am in no way an expert on raw feeding and if you choose to move your fur baby to a raw diet, I do have a pdf document I can send to you, but there is also a vast amount of research you should do on your own. Some companies I have used in the past that have been an amazing help are:
Raw feeding Miami and Reel Raw
Check out their websites and see if raw feeding is right for you.

Alexandra Dunn