Even Good Dogs, Have Bad Days...

Even good dogs have their bad days;

Today I took the girls up hiking on our usual trail when we went to just get a quick round in, however it was not the usual day. 
Normally, the girls are off leash and will go up ahead, but if they find they can’t see me they will either run back or wait for me to catch back up before going off on their own again. They’re normally really good at staying close by, or running up and down the sides of the trail in front of me. 
They’re always good at stopping to pose (as long as it’s not too often, they’re dogs, they want to run and smell the smells not spend the whole hike posing for Instagram photos...) 
But today, we hit the trail a couple hours later than we normally do (we usually like to hop up in the morning and beat the trail traffic) but today, we went apparently right at the peak time and it felt like everyone was on the trail, and with that, everyone had brought their dogs today. 
It makes it hard to try and recall your dogs and get them to listen with so much chaos going on, especially when the other owners dogs follow after them or get in their face when they’re trying to listen and come back. 
Now, today my dogs were no princesses and most of the time I found myself really frustrated, which honestly I could tell my dogs were feeding off that energy and in return they were a little confused on what exactly I wanted. 
In chaotic situations with your pup, it’s important to remember to stay calm and in control, so your dogs react to positive energy rather than negative energy. They’re looking to you for guidance and it’s important to remember that every dog isn’t going to listen 110% of the time, and sometimes they need a little reminder of what exactly you want.

Alexandra Dunn