My name is Alexandra... 

... Aleu and Kyra are my two dogs that have brought me more than just love and companionship. They have brought me; happiness, a sense of adventure, a love of photography, a fierce need for the outdoors, and have taught me more about myself, than I could have ever thought possible. 

Growing up, my family often spent time outdoors, and it was something that I had always loved, especially when getting to share time spent in nature with loved ones. As I got older, we had less and less time to spend out adventuring and exploring, and pretty soon, I began to lose interest in something that I once loved. I spent more time indoors with friends, doing homework, going to the gym and less and less time was spent out in the fresh air. 

As I continued to get older, I would still get outside and explore but it still wasn't as fulfilling as it once was as a kid, or when I was taken on grand adventures, I didn't appreciate it enough then as I would have now, (and I wish all the time that I could go back and re-experience these things with the way I feel now)... and then Aleu came into my life when I was 19 years old. I had always wanted my own big dog growing up, and I had always been in love with the Siberian Huskies, thanks to the movie Balto, Eight Below, and Snow Dogs. 

When I first got Aleu, even with all the research I had done on the breed, I was so not prepared as a dog owner. It took a lot to learn, and grow as an owner, while simultaneously growing my bond with Aleu and making sure that she got everything that she needed. 

The first time I took Aleu off leash hiking, everything changed. Being able to be back outdoors and sharing the moment with my best friend felt like the breath of true fresh air that I had been looking for. It restored my love and need for being outdoors, and that need only grew more fierce with each adventure that Aleu and I were able to take together. Time with others indoors turned to time spent outdoors with Aleu (and any others that wanted to join). I stopped having the fear of missing out, and replaced it with a need of being outside.

Kyra came two years later in a time where I think Aleu and I needed one more adventure buddy to add to our little pack. Very quickly Aleu and Kyra came to be best friends, and on our short little hikes with Kyra, she often stayed right with Aleu on the trail, padding after her as she led the way. 

My girls have taught me how to be alone, and have a comfortability with that, and to almost find a solace in it. I enjoy hiking and adventuring with other people, the more the merrier... However, I do often find myself craving to hike with my girls alone, to bond, to have that special connection of just the three of us out on the trails. No words being said, just living in the experience. Through them, I have kindled an interest in photography and that flame only grows each day. I want to learn more and to do more.

Before Aleu, I wasn't happy with my life... where I was, what I was doing... I felt as though I were on a path that wasn't meant for me, or that I was trying to be someone I wasn't in order to please those people around me.  It wasn't until I got Aleu and learned more about myself, that I realized the type of person that I wanted to be. Today, I live each day with positivity, and optimism. Waking up each morning positive and looking forward to the day has changed who I am inside and out for the better. 

Aleu and Kyra have changed the way I live my life, and the ways in which I view the world. I wouldn't be half the person I am, without these two amazing doggos in my life.