Hike Number One: January 2, 2019

Pipeline Trail - Milcreek Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT 

A trail we’ve done quite a few times as it is close to home, yet a trail that never seems to get boring… especially with those views.

Hike Number Two: January 4, 2019

Muller Park Trail - Bountiful, UT

Another Trail Regular, yet again, one that doesn’t get old. Winding back and forth in and out of the mountain line all the way to elephant rock gives you amazing scenery full of pine trees, to little meadows, to ridges with nothing to see but mountains for miles.

Hike Number Three: January 6, 2019

Battle Creek Falls - Pleasant Grove, UT

This was a trail I had never done before yet I do plan on going back and doing soon. The snow this day was a nightmare (I love hiking in the snow so thats saying something..) my camera was getting soaked, nothing would focus, and as the rain quickly turned wet, we were freezing cold and just wanted to get back down to the car… BUT! We do have plans to return to this hike very soon as it was breathtakingly beautiful, especially with seeing all the ice climbers.

This Photo was taken by my best friend Jaquoi Griffin

Hike Number Four: January 9, 2019

Pine Hollow - American Fork Canyon

This is the second time I have done this hike and honestly I cannot wait to go back. The mountain views are to die for, and going back into the canyon through beautifully snow covered pine trees is absolutely magical.